Adam DaleyEdit

Adam Daley is a 16 year old high student. He lives in Eden Mills and is one of the main contributors to the neighborhood after the crisis and one of the pilots in the neighborhood. He is the son of the police captain and works closely with retired government spy Herb. He flies the ultralight for lookout and in battle situations. 

During The Crisis Edit

During the crisis, Adam is shown to be a compassionate and fair person, he has great ideas and helps with lookout and is one of the first responders in attacks. He flies his ultralight and later in the book, he starts flying a Cessna . He is the main character of the series. He is also one of the only people with a working car. He is the youngest member of the community meetings. He discoverers the power outage when he was working on his friends. He believes it is just a power outage when everyone starts noticing that cell phones and even pay phones are down. He then goes to the gym with everyone else when they get dismissed. When people start noticing that even cars don't work. He and Todd find out that Adam's car still works they send Lori home to the Peterson farm. Adam stays there to keep watch.

Notes And TriviaEdit

Adams mom is the police captain

Adams neighbor is a retired government spy *(Herb)

He is the only pilot in his town until mid-book 2

He built his own ultralight with his father

He has 2 younger siblings Danny and Rachel who are twins.

His father is a pilot and his fate was unknown until later when his father shows up

He is the current boyfriend of Lori Peterson. They are really getting serious about being "musicians" playing mostly "percussion" with a little bit of "singing" from Lori as the lyrics.

He carries a pistol as well as a backup pistol and a knife in his sock

He kills 2 of Brett's squad members when they hold him hostage in the Cessna